• Traditional know-how and techniques Traditional know-how and techniques

    Villages and towns, estates and paths in the Tramuntana were opportunities for communication and the interchange of products, ideas and knowledge. One of the most valuable treasures of the Tramuntana areas is its dry-stone construction work. This building technique, used since time immemorial, is clearly linked to a group of local craftsmen, who over the centuries have passed on their techniques, materials, learning processes and specialist vocabulary to extend areas of farmland, improve harves [...]

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The way in which each society inhabits a region, works the land, recalls it, is familiar with it, represents it and narrates it offers an insight into that community´s emotional perception of the landscape. The Tramuntana area is singularly rich in cultural expression, evoking an extensive, complex past. Likewise, it is also rich in contemporary artistic, pictorial and literary expression, reflecting its landscape values and defining the singularity of local lifestyles that are inseparable from the landscape. Also, the Tramuntana area´s numerous legends and tales constitute a synthesis of popular wisdom as well as reflecting the character of its people: a highly valuable intangible source of heritage that offers the keys to deciphering a unique, ancient culture.